Personalized calendars
a size for every space!

13 sheet freestanding
calendar with base
13 sheet top bound
calendar with hook
13 sheet centre bound
calendar with hole punch

30 days hath September, and…oh jeepers, there’re 12 of these things?

Don't worry because ookpix has something you can put right on your wall to help you keep track of the months. And here comes the great part: you can put 12 different pictures of yourself in a calendar, which is a great gift for the new neighbours, or you can even show off your pets or your trip to Mexico. Haha, that was an awesome trip.

Some handy tips for
making your calendar.

To make calendars that will give friends and family that warm tingly feeling, plan ahead and short-list the photos you may want to use for each season. You'll feel pretty smart on calendar-making day.

Once your receive your calendar, make sure to add the following useful reminders: On November 15th make next year’s calendar. On July 1st put away snow scraper. On August 27th put snow scraper back in car.

Ookie uses a calendar to write down his dentist appointments. Wait, do ookpiks even have teeth?