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Hard cover $34.95
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Incl. first 20 pages
Incl. first 20 pages
Incl. first 20 pages
Soft cover $19.95
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Incl. first 20 pages
Additional Pages $0.95/page $0.95/page $1.45/page $1.45/page

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Photo books are a great place
to showcase your memories

For a long time, you’ve kept your digital photos stashed on your computer or on Facebook. Now, ookpix has figured out how to use special machines to put your photographs on paper. Simply choose one of our themes, upload your photos and create your book. Our team can produce it for you in either a hardcover or soft cover format.



An ookpix exclusive! The outside covers of both our soft cover and hardcover books are treated with a protective soft-touch laminate, which has been said to be as soft as a baby owl. Adding lamination not only makes the colours on your cover rich and vivid, but also helps to ensure they stay that way for a very long time.

Some handy tips
for making your book.

Before you start creating your amazing photo book, make a folder on your desktop with the pics you’d like to include. This keeps them handy for when you’re ready to upload them into a book template.

Once you start designing your photo book, our tool will tell you how many times each photo has been used. That way you don’t accidentally leave out an important pic, or overexpose your sweet bowling slacks.

Don’t forget Grandma! Photo books make fantastic gifts for young and old. When building your book, think about who you may want to share a copy with and make sure you include a few shots each person will love.