ookpix partners with Hull Services to offer a one-of-a-kind gift

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“It’s been a long, hard road,” says Lisa as she explains why her family is romping in the snow on a Saturday afternoon in December. “Ever since Forrest was a baby, everything was hard work with him.”

Nine-year-old Forrest is a student at William Roper Hull School (WRHS), a school that operates as a partnership between the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) and Hull Services. WRHS offers highly specialized and individualized programs for students with behavioural and emotional difficulties.

Now officially diagnosed with ADHD, Defiance Disorder and Conduct Disorder, Forrest has struggled with behaviour issues since before he entered the public school system. “Kindergarten was a disaster!” his mom exclaims. “I got calls from school every day, saying he was disrupting the class, causing problems and basically being out of control. We didn’t know what to do.”

Then they found Hull Services.

“They’re the missing link,” Lisa professes. “They know how to work with Forrest. He gets one-to-one attention and is learning techniques to verbalize his feelings. It’s just such a relief that he’s getting the help he needs. ”

Forrest, his siblings Sidney (6) and Olive (3) and their parents were all dressed up on this warm but snowy afternoon to have family photos taken by volunteer photographers Rob McMorris, Neil Zeller and Erika Jensen. It’s a program organized by ookpix and allows us to give something back to a number of families who, for a variety of issues, seek assistance from Hull Services.

Once the photo session is complete, each family will receive a photo canvas courtesy of ookpix.com. “We are delighted to provide the gift of a cherished photo and printed canvas to families this Christmas,” says Gavin Harrison, director of ookpix. “Our culture is one of community involvement, and we are honoured to partner with Hull Services.”

From the sound of giggles and the wide grins on their faces, the Whyte family is certainly going to cherish the photos and the day’s experience as they continue down Forrest’s road.


The most thoughtful gift you can give for Mother’s Day

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If a picture says a thousand words, just think about the significance of a book full of cherished family photos. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, building a photo book is a simple but thoughtful way to express to your mother just how special, exceptional and loved she is. After all, how else can we convey gratitude for the lessons learned, the wisdom accumulated and the very gift of life? With every picture telling a story, this special book becomes full of life, love and memories. Here are some ideas to help you craft the perfect Mother’s Day photo book.

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With winter in full swing and spring months away, I guess we might as well embrace the conditions and start taking our cameras outside to capture this beautiful season.
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

 Using Exposure Compensation

One of the biggest problems when shooting outside in the winter with snow on the ground is that your camera’s sensor sees all that beautiful white stuff and tends to underexpose every frame.

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